Yesterday I and L was going to get vaccinated for our trip to Ghana. Everything went great but the Malarone we are to take to not get malaria were surprisingly expensive! The recipe was written for me so I had to pay for both of our amounts. But still, 900 SEK is a lot even for two persons I think. The option was getting depressed an having nightmares form the other alternative, so it was not really so much of a choice for us.

I have lately been finding myself extremely suspicious to people in lobby areas. I was just sitting waiting for my turn to buy the malaria medicine in the dispensary. When you go in there you take a number from a machine so that you will not have to wait standing in line and I find myself expecting almost everyone to be cutting in line! I look suspiciously at everyone coming in and try to memorize who came first, second and so on.

I really felt like a spy or something watching everyone under my fringe. Then again I always feel like I am on a secret mission or something when I walk through the stairwells and long corridors to my mom’s department…

The only thing wrong was, as you can see, my outfit for that. Flower skirt and green cardigan is kind of too prominent to be spying in… Next time I go to the hospital I will have to remember to wear black!

Cradigan BikBok| Top Forever21| Skirt Elin Blomren Designs| Necklace RonaAccessory| Tights Åhlens

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