Down At The Lake

These photos I took a couple of weeks ago, I think. Tomorrow I am leaving for Halmstad with my friends and hopefully we will get the same weather. It is not very likely, but still hoping! I do know for sure we will have the Best Time Ever, no matter what weather we get:D
Today I also booked my ticket for NZ! I'll be going July 8th wich is only like 15 days away!! I am terrifyed and So excited. I have no idea of how long I will be gone... hopefully I will stay for six months, at least;) No more than a year, though, because the visa expires. Now I really have to go pack for tomorrow! Spent the time I should have been packing baking cinnamon and vanilla buns for the trip instead.. I am such a nice friend! haha^^ Bye bye..  
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DIY: Shawl to T-shirt

For this easy project you will need thread, measure, scissors, pen, needles, shawl and a sewing maschine.
Start with laying the shawl folded on the middle, flat on the floor or a table. Measure from the middle 1/4 of the total waist perimeter to both sides. Measure from the top corners 1/2 of the total armhole perimeter.
Mark the sideseam and cut. (I descided to pin the shawl with some needles to make sure the fabric did not move when I cut it.)
Take the loose piece of fabric and place it on the other side. This way both sideseams will look the same. You can also fold the shawl twice, if the fabric is not too thick, and only cut once.
Do also cut a hole for your head;)
Zigzag all the edges and sew together the side seams.
Fold approximately 1cm and sew the zigzaged edge to the wrong side.
Last you cut the fringes (if you have any) as short as you want. You may also want to iron the finnished t-shirt. I'll probably match it with a pair of denim shorts and wear to the beach. If the sun ever comes out...


Spinning Summer

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Late Brekfast

Yesterday I did not want to go to bed at around 10pm. This resulted in me watching Gossip Girl in the dark with lit candles around until about 2am. Late late... After that I checked out Romwe as you can see further down and I have no idea of when I went to bed. I woke up at around 12 and ate a delicious brekfast, watched more Gossip, but all sounds were drowned in the rain... This is Swedish summer all right;)

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Party Rock Is In The House Tonight...

Here are some pictures from the most wonderful graduation ever! Sure it is bittersweet to have graduated but it truly was one of the most amazing days of my life:D Before you watch the pictures I must warn those who are sensitive for awesomeness, because these photos can pretty much be used as the definition of the word;)  
Thank you all for making this such a great day, and D for the middle of the night walk. A happy (even though I cry every time I think of it) memory with a friend and the sounds of the night of graduation:) And of course thank you SPIN for three wonderful years:) Byebye secure school, hello terrifying life;)



Sjung om studentens lyckliga dag, låtom os fråjdas i ungdomens vår. Än klappar hjärtat med friska slag, och den ljusnande framtid är vår... 
I cannot believe tomorrow I will graduate, or "ta STUDENTEN" !! I am SO excited and happy but I know I am going to cry because I will miss my class, the school, some teachers (Tobbeteddy^^) and the ultra cool janitors;) hehe. For the past like two months I have been trying to sew my Student dess. This Tuesday I started all over. Because of this I missed the preperation of the truck for tomorrow but I really had to because I just finnished it! AH. Well, some finnishing touches left but it will be fast taken care of. Wondering when I will learn to do stuff in good time, though. Probably never.
This week I have just been hanging out with friends. Both from school and home. Just chilling, having picknick, playing volleyball and "kubb", watching movies and sometiomes just beeing lame. Feels great to not have any homework! The past three years have been like "Oh, hello life, didn't see you there behind all that homework" but now we are finaly free! I will most likely study again sometime, but it will be different. No China essays to write...
Now I really have to sleep. Going to meet my class for the Champaig Brekfast at 7am tomorrow. It is going to be a looooong day. But one of the most fun, crazy, speeded, pommes, stirrig (and so on..) days in my intire life! SPIN ROCKS!!:D Byebye..


Dagens Ros

I tidningen idag. Tack så mycket härliga Maria för Dagens Ros!


Hello Hair Cut

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