Scones and Tea

When I woke up today I decided to make scones a tea for breakfast. Actually I had thought of it when I went to bed but since I know myself I knew I might not have the fortitude to do it in the morning. Luckily for me I did because it was the best breakfast in a long time:) The fact that it's Friday and I did not have to go to school can also have mattered.. Here is the recipe if you would like to give it a try (and know the Swedish language). It only takes like 20 minutes and they are really easy to make!
I only wanted two because it does not fit four on a baking sheet and I'm to lazy to prepare two of them. This decision turned out to be more challenging that I had expected! I almost ruined everything by being oh so close to put in the double amount of salt than needed. But just when I was about to throw it all in the bowl I froze my body and remembered! This was actually the case with some other ingredients to but eventually the scones turned out really good. I also made tea and to top it off I watched an episode of Friends while eating!
I would also like to announce that I have come up with one of the best ideas ever: Scent computers! Sometimes I look at pictures of food other bloggers have posted and, I'm sorry, but a lot of the time it does not look very good. But if I could smell it as well I'm sure the photos would look so much better. The idea is that every computer has a place where you can put in different scents, then you can link the pictures so that when you click on them the amazing smell will appear. Ofcourse there are a lot of scents out in the world, but everyone would be able to choose the scent they wanted, and when it runs out you could buy new ones. I know I sound kind of stupid right now, but think of it...wouldn't it be really fun?


  1. Lovely set of photographs and those scones look very yummy! Well done on making them, I can barely make toast... haha!

    I like your idea of the scent computers, I would love to smell those scones right now! :D

    Katie. x

  2. WOw that looks so yummy! That would be very cool- scent computers :) Mine would smell like pancakes!!


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