Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Today I watched the sun rise. Well not really, but I woke up at 4 a.m. and the sun was not up yet. At 5 a.m. I gave up on trying to sleep and went down to the livingroom to watch some Gossip on the computer and the sun rose while I was watching an eating an apple. So I think it kind of counts..After breakfast I went out to look for my Easter egg because today, as you all know, it is Easter Saturday. My younger sister felt too mature for it this year so I put on the clogs to go by myself. Mom was nice to come along, although, I think she just wanted to see how long it took before I found it;) haha
Irma helped me. Well, she ran around the garden at least. I found this feather and took it as a sign. Found an egg. But it was not mine...
After a looong time of searching and mom giving me clues like "it is near a lot of different materials", "you cannot just look for it, you have to peer!" and "follow the signs that the nature is giving you" (and of course a Lot of laughter in between), I foun it! Yeey^^
Hope you get a lovely Easter and that you find your Easter egg faster than me! And that you too are acctually children on the inside and look for your candy filled eggs;) Now I'm off to kick some at the first tennis game this year with my friends! Bye <3


When Reality Slips Away

| Skirt Elin Blomgren Designs | Black dress Monki | Shirt Zara | Shoes Scorett | Belt Vintage |


Låt Bäckarna Porla

Let the humble streams purl.


Reclaim Fashion Show

A Fashion Show by Angelica Olai with help from the Red Cross. A lot of work put down on the garments with a great result. Here are some pictures from the show:) Sorry for the poor quality. You will probably find better ones and more on her blog later.


Jessie J - Price Tag



Wild Spring

| Knitted cardigan Vintage | Lace top Vintage | Shorts Vila | Belt Vintage | Shoes Din Sko | Tights Åhlens | Necklace Old |