And Off I Go

Just to show you what I will be travelling in. Simple and comfortable. This is the first scheduled post I have made so I hope it will work. The time is set to the time when the plane is supposed to departure. Sorry about the mess, but my room has gone crazy from all the packing.
Have fun. I know I will! Bye <3


Finaly Ghana

Tomorrow I am leaving for Ghana for two weeks. I'm not really packed yet, but almost everything is lying ready to be on my bed. I do not think I will be able to post very much down there, so you will probably hear from me when I get back. Here are some of the things I am bringing for me and also for my host family. The first one is my "small" pharmacy and it makes me feel a little like G... Enjoy:)

Read more about the trip by klicking on the lable "Ghana". Bye <3


Snow White

With a dress white as snow, and skin white as snow, and snow white as snow...you cannot help to think of the fairy tale.
I made this dress last year but have not been wareing it a lot because it got too big over the bust. Nothing can go underneth it because of the cut. It would also be a shame to wear a black top underneath because I really like the white with it. And a white top does not work either since i cannot find the same colour. I really like the fabric, though. The lace on the top layer and the embrodiered one under. I'm also happy that the buttons turned out as well as they did and the bow in the back I think is very cute. Hope you like it too:)
P.S. I took my driverslicens today. A burden flying of my chest. I'm a little nervous though, because I have to drive by myself to the handball now.. Wish me good luck!
| Dress Elin Blomgren Designs | Cardigan Charlotte Rousse | Ring Forever21 |


Happy Hands

Even though it is hopefully not so much winter left for most of you it will probably stay here for a couple of more weeks. And if your hands are anything like mine (gets dry and soar during the colder half of the year) I have a great advice for you! The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector.
I have been using it all winter and my hands have never been so smooth through all these months! I do not know how much it costed because I got it from The Body Shop's winter campaign: If you bought products for a certain amount of money you also got a Christmas stocking filled with different products and this was one of them. Anyway, I always use it right before I go to bed so that it will have time to really go into the skin and also because it does not smell very good. But other than the smell it is perfect. So thumbs up for The Hemp Hand Protector.
And to cheer up during the darkest winter days, paint your nails in bright colours;)