New Year

This new year I spent at a friends house in Halmstad. It was the most windy day ever! When we went out to watch the fireworks I seriously thought we were going to get caught in the wind and be blown away. Even though my hair kept blowing in my eyes the fireworks were beautiful, as always:)  

I cannot tell you everything that happened cause I do not feel like writing a novel but to sum up there were a lot of laughter and not so much sleep. Broken items were a glass, a candle holder and a beautiful chair. I still don't know how that chair could brake!

Thank you F for a wonderful stay, the good food, the sparklers, the delicious desert and for just being you! Also thank you everyone who came and made this one of the greatest new years ever!

Top Forever21 | Top H&M (worn underneath) | Pants Monki | Cardigan Cubus | Tights Åhlens | Shoes Nilson | Necklace Borrowed

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