Morning Light

Today I realised that it is actually getting brighter in the morning. It was the best feeling because I am getting so tired of all the times when the alarm bell rings in the morning and it might as well be the middle of the night. Well, this morning it still could have been the middle of the night but when we drove in to Jönköping the sky started to get pale blue. This was at like half past seven, but before it has been almost no change from when I wake up. So I was happy:)
This week I am working as an intern at Vila in Jönköping so if you are passing by feel free to come in and visit me:) It is nice to get a week away from school and I really enjoy the work in a clothing store because you get to meet a lot of people, I like the clothes Vila are selling and the staff is so nice and funny^^ My only trouble is figuring out what to wear, though. I'll see what I'm in the mood for in the morning. Good night everyone<3
..old pictures..


Easter -10

I will have to warn you that some of these pictures might be a little intergroup. Probably like all of them.. But I was just looking over the photos from last years Easter Holiday Trip to Halmstad with my friends. The memories from that trip are some of the very best ones so I just had to share them. I will not even try to explain everything that happened during those days because even though a picture says more than a thousand words, this i just a drop in the sea...
I feel like this was a LOT of photos, but when choosing the ones I wanted I still had to reduce cuite a few before posting. Sorry if this bored you, but to me it was so much fun! I truly have the best friends and wouldn't Ever change them! Thank you all for the wonderful days, even though most things got wrong!

P.S. I know we are children. D.S.


Scones and Tea

When I woke up today I decided to make scones a tea for breakfast. Actually I had thought of it when I went to bed but since I know myself I knew I might not have the fortitude to do it in the morning. Luckily for me I did because it was the best breakfast in a long time:) The fact that it's Friday and I did not have to go to school can also have mattered.. Here is the recipe if you would like to give it a try (and know the Swedish language). It only takes like 20 minutes and they are really easy to make!
I only wanted two because it does not fit four on a baking sheet and I'm to lazy to prepare two of them. This decision turned out to be more challenging that I had expected! I almost ruined everything by being oh so close to put in the double amount of salt than needed. But just when I was about to throw it all in the bowl I froze my body and remembered! This was actually the case with some other ingredients to but eventually the scones turned out really good. I also made tea and to top it off I watched an episode of Friends while eating!
I would also like to announce that I have come up with one of the best ideas ever: Scent computers! Sometimes I look at pictures of food other bloggers have posted and, I'm sorry, but a lot of the time it does not look very good. But if I could smell it as well I'm sure the photos would look so much better. The idea is that every computer has a place where you can put in different scents, then you can link the pictures so that when you click on them the amazing smell will appear. Ofcourse there are a lot of scents out in the world, but everyone would be able to choose the scent they wanted, and when it runs out you could buy new ones. I know I sound kind of stupid right now, but think of it...wouldn't it be really fun?


Cherry Cherry

I really should go to bed now but I don’t know if I can sleep. Tomorrow I will play handball against a school team from Norway that has handball as one of their majors. So I’m kind of scared that they will be much much much better than me. Fortunately a lot of my team mates also have handball as one of their majors and are really good.
I really know nothing about the Norwegian team and I actually like that. It gives a more exciting feeling to the game. I’m also looking forward to play with the first-class team because they play very well. The bad thing is that we have not really played with each other before. I am playing for the women junior team and some of us are to be mixed with some of the first-class team for this game.
 |A laugh to brighten a cold, gray and snowy day|
If you didn’t already know the Swedish handball team lost today against Denmark in the World Championships for men. (I had a GREAT time this Saturday watching the Iceland, Norwegian, Spanish, German, Hungarian and French teams play in Jönköping. I and my friends were even filmed during the French-Hungarian game on the big monitor, a small childhood dream coming true^^) Anyway, the loss was not to big since we have, as the Danish team, gone to the semifinals.
If you are wondering about the outfit it was quickly put together. Although, I painted my nails yesterday. To brighten up the otherwise kind of boring outfit I added the read lips.
Okay, now I Really need to go to bed. Sleep tight everyone. Bye <3
| Black dress Vila | Cardigan Monki | Shoes Nilson | Read nail polish H&M | Read lip gloss Maxfactor |


Longin for Summer

This week there has been lovely weather and some snow has been melting. I really thought the spring would come now but then it turned cold again and I remembered this is Sweden and it is still only January. Good luck for spring and summer to come this early in the year! I just want to turn the weather up-side-down and have summer.
Run barefoot in green grass, be able to wear my spring jacket (if that will be needed at all), pick flowers to put in cute vases, bath in our lake, wear ballerinas, play volley ball, bake pie with fresh blueberries and raspberries, be up all night cause it never gets dark, run without worrying about falling down, sail in my grandfathers boat, go water skiing, paint my toenails in bright colours, not have any schoolwork to worry about and just feeling free!
But until that time comes I will have to keep myself warm with some tea in this cute floral tea cup. Now I'm off to watch the World Championships in handball for men. I am So excited! Bye <3

Floral dress BikBok | Patent-leather shoe Urban Outfitters | Knee socks Åhlens | Pink stone necklace Vintage | Tea cup Indiska


Back To Britain

These are the shorts and cardigan I bought on the trip to Stockholm this Christmas vacation. I have been wanting to post them for a long time and now i finally had the time. 
The outfit really makes me think of like old British fashion and I would love to wear it with a pair of oxfords in the same colour as the belt.
This beautiful pictute was a gift from my wonderful grandmother. It has nothing to do with Britain really, but I thought it looked good here:)

Cardigan Zara | Shorts Zara | Top Vintage | Heart Necklace Gift