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So, it is the final week of my Christmas vacation and I am enjoying the last of it by working. I know, it is cind of tragic but I really need the money! Every little income are currently going to a trip to Ghana. I am doing the project work for my final year with a friend and we decided to go to the African country Ghana as volunteers. We have been looking forward to this almost 9 months and finally we both know we can go! Although we have to save all the money we can to afford it so I am happy to actually have a job during the vacation.

Since my repetitive job is to pack brushes in a factory I do not find it worth taking pictures of. (It would be like: "Hi, this is the picture of the brush I packed today!" End of post.) That is why I am showing these pictures of a much more fun day. Anyway, the trip to Ghana will be for two weeks but I have So much to say about this I will have to make a post only about this.

This week I will have a day of Thursday, though, because it is a "red day" when no one works. Therefor, I will tomorrow be watching the cartoon movie Anastasia with my friends from school. I am once again a child and cannot wait^^ Now I am off to bed because before having the time of my life watching Anastasia, there will be one more day of brush-packing! Sleep tight <3

Knitted cardigan Vila | Vest White Stallion Ranch | Scarf Lindberg

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