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I really should go to bed now but I don’t know if I can sleep. Tomorrow I will play handball against a school team from Norway that has handball as one of their majors. So I’m kind of scared that they will be much much much better than me. Fortunately a lot of my team mates also have handball as one of their majors and are really good.
I really know nothing about the Norwegian team and I actually like that. It gives a more exciting feeling to the game. I’m also looking forward to play with the first-class team because they play very well. The bad thing is that we have not really played with each other before. I am playing for the women junior team and some of us are to be mixed with some of the first-class team for this game.
 |A laugh to brighten a cold, gray and snowy day|
If you didn’t already know the Swedish handball team lost today against Denmark in the World Championships for men. (I had a GREAT time this Saturday watching the Iceland, Norwegian, Spanish, German, Hungarian and French teams play in Jönköping. I and my friends were even filmed during the French-Hungarian game on the big monitor, a small childhood dream coming true^^) Anyway, the loss was not to big since we have, as the Danish team, gone to the semifinals.
If you are wondering about the outfit it was quickly put together. Although, I painted my nails yesterday. To brighten up the otherwise kind of boring outfit I added the read lips.
Okay, now I Really need to go to bed. Sleep tight everyone. Bye <3
| Black dress Vila | Cardigan Monki | Shoes Nilson | Read nail polish H&M | Read lip gloss Maxfactor |


  1. you have the most amazing blue eyes, adore the setting & the outfit plus the puppy is adorable!


  2. Elin, sluta ha så fina ögon! Jag kan inte sluta kolla på dom ;) <3

  3. This is such a cute outfit and I love those boots and the makeup too...but most of all the dog!!!

  4. just found your blog and i love how cool your outfit shoots are. great photos x

    elle & the fashion folk


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