Pig Bank

Today I received an email from the Lions Club Foundation saying I could not acquire any money from them for my project work. That was really bitter since I had really counted on getting at least something from them because my friends, who have almost the same project work as I do, did. Apparently the Lions Club had been sent a lot of applications about the same thing I had, so they could only contribute to people going away longer. But creative as I am, I opened my pig banks and counted the money I have been collecting for like 10 years. It was actually quite a lot, for being mainly coins of course!

Sadly I had to break the red one because I did not have a key to open it with. It is the oldest and I really like it. Thanks to my creativity (again) I was able to fix it! Cheers to me right;)

Next week I am going to the bank to put them in my Ghana account. It is getting really close to the trip and we have to pay everything next week so I hope to receive my salary from when I worked in the Christmas vacation soon. Bye <3

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