So, this Monday I went with three of my friends to the Swedish capital city Stockholm. I'm sorry to say I did not bring my camera because it did not fit in my purse.I found this picture of Stockholm on the Internet and the outfit photos are old. But at least it is something.

We took the bus at 8 in the morning and arrived around 1 pm. We had some trouble finding the hotel and when we did we were all tired and cold. So before shopping time we unpacked and planned the rest of the day. I bought a lot of new clothes but since it was the intermediate days everything was on sale;) I will take pictures of the new outfits as soon as I can. I also found two gorgeous tea cups which I cannot wait to pour up some hot water in, put my hands around it, a blanket around myself and place myself in the sofa all day long!

In the evening we ate at the restaurant of the hotel  and then some chocolates up in our room. The next day we did pretty much the same as the first: explored Stockholm and shopped some more. At the end of the day I was really tired. I was also going to work Wednesday so when I got home I went straight to bed!

I really had the best time and I hope to go back not too far in the future!



I have for some time now been thinking of starting a blog, and finally I have actually done it. It sounds like a major step or improvement in my life but it's just for fun. I'm not sure of what to make it just yet but probably you'll find me writing about the most random things! haha

So this is me, almost freezing to death in 1 m of snow! I am still in my last year of school so I will probably not be very good at updating.. I love sewing and fashion, but also to shop at vintage stores. My big trap is chocolate, so if you give me one little choise morsel, you know I will be comming back for more!

Well, that's it for now. Bye Bye from me and my dog Irma!