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Window Escape

So, today I did something I have never done before. It was the last class for the day. We were watching a movie and the teacher was in the hallway having individual grade conversations with the students. In the middle of the class two of my friends come up to me and say "We are going to escape through the window, come with us!". And what was I to do but come along?! So under (not very) gracefull manoeuvers we jumped out the window and went down to Jönköpings Marknad. Fun and crazy! That's how it is supposed to be the weeks before you graduate;)
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Mirror Mirror

Lovely gift from my parents when they arrived back from the U.S. My room is a mess, though, and I do not know where to put it...


The Bored One

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Lovely Blog Award

I was really flatered to see that Janelle from Love Makes The Girl gave me The Lovely Blog Award. Thank you very much:)
The rules of this award are to:
~ thank and link back to the person that gave you the award.
~ share five things about yourself.
~ and pass it forward to five blogs you feel deserv it.

To start with, five facts about me:
~ I cannot wait to graduate in a few weeks.
~ The sun in the spring is the best. You never expect it and always gets so exited when it decides to visit.
~ I am scared to become a person who does not take opportunities because they might be a little frightning.
~ I never get tired of watching Friends.
~ I count how many hours of sleep I will get before I go to bed.

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