Longin for Summer

This week there has been lovely weather and some snow has been melting. I really thought the spring would come now but then it turned cold again and I remembered this is Sweden and it is still only January. Good luck for spring and summer to come this early in the year! I just want to turn the weather up-side-down and have summer.
Run barefoot in green grass, be able to wear my spring jacket (if that will be needed at all), pick flowers to put in cute vases, bath in our lake, wear ballerinas, play volley ball, bake pie with fresh blueberries and raspberries, be up all night cause it never gets dark, run without worrying about falling down, sail in my grandfathers boat, go water skiing, paint my toenails in bright colours, not have any schoolwork to worry about and just feeling free!
But until that time comes I will have to keep myself warm with some tea in this cute floral tea cup. Now I'm off to watch the World Championships in handball for men. I am So excited! Bye <3

Floral dress BikBok | Patent-leather shoe Urban Outfitters | Knee socks Åhlens | Pink stone necklace Vintage | Tea cup Indiska


  1. Very cute dress!


  2. I'm looking forwards to summer also!
    great set of photos!

  3. these photos are seriously adorable! you look positively lovely :)

    thank you for your sweet comment on my blog also <3 im following your dreamy blog now xxx


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