Walking with Frodo

It was early. It was foggy. It was rainy. It was windy. It was cold. It was steep. It was exhausting. It was clearing. It was sunny. It was beautiful. It was the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.


New Zealand Update

I thought I would give you a small update on my past, present and future here in New Zealand. First of all I am no longer working as an au pair. I finished about a month ago and even though I miss the kid sometimes it feels good good good gooood to be done with that. One of the first and best friends I made here has left. It feels a bit weird not having her around anymore but time flies and soon we will meet again. My lovely family came to visit me over Christmas and New Year’s and we had so much fun. “Omaha! Omaha! Omaha. . .” Best time ever and I miss you already. Other than that I have been travelling around North Island during the weekends. Done a lot, seen even more (when not falling asleep in the car^^).

Right now I am staying with a friend and her host family in their boat shed. (They used to have it as an office so it is nicer than it sounds.) Plus it is great falling asleep and waking up to the sound of waves. Tomorrow we are leaving to do the Tongariro Crossing which is a one day track up the mountain. Before we go back to Auckland we will stop at the Waitamo Caves for some black water rafting and to have a look at the glowworm caves.
Next week I am going to wellington for a beach handball tournament. So excited! After that the plans are to somehow get to Farewell Spit and work on a horse farm there. Cannot wait for that either! I do not know for how long I will stay there so the plans are a bit uncertain. I will definitely travel South Island and I want to go to Australia before I head home. With no income it will probably be sooner rather than later;)