Easter -10

I will have to warn you that some of these pictures might be a little intergroup. Probably like all of them.. But I was just looking over the photos from last years Easter Holiday Trip to Halmstad with my friends. The memories from that trip are some of the very best ones so I just had to share them. I will not even try to explain everything that happened during those days because even though a picture says more than a thousand words, this i just a drop in the sea...
I feel like this was a LOT of photos, but when choosing the ones I wanted I still had to reduce cuite a few before posting. Sorry if this bored you, but to me it was so much fun! I truly have the best friends and wouldn't Ever change them! Thank you all for the wonderful days, even though most things got wrong!

P.S. I know we are children. D.S.


  1. A lovely set of photographs! It looks like you've got a great set of friends so it's good to cherish them and the fun times you have together! :)

    Katie. x


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