Piha & Hats

This Saturday I went to Piha with two other au pairs. We were extremely luckt with the weather since it only rained once, when we were all in the car. We walked to this beautiful waretfall, crossed the small stream bellow, went back to the beach and up on a hill.
Took all day since we parked the car waaay to far away from the acctual trail and had to walk probably as long as the whole trail, both there and back. Since the weather was nice we did not mind:)

Today I tried to watch 'The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas' but it was far to jerky. Tomorrow I will go back to the library and see if they have another copy of it. I also managed to go to the gym today. Felt akward since I did not know how any of the machines worked so I stayed to the crosstrainer and the stationary bike;) Tomorrow I will go test the Zumba class. Excited!
After my smaller workout I met up with R for lunch at the mall. We had a really nice time and when the food was gone we did some shopping. My intention was to not buy anything but when I found 'buy one get one free' on hats I really could not resist. I've been thinking of buying a hat for quite some time but do not really think I look good in it so I've never come to acctually do it. But since I now could get two has for 20NZD I really had no choise^^ Cannot show you, though. Still unable to transfer photos to the computer so these are from facebook..
Nice view? Oh, I think so;)

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  1. Oh wonderful photos! I need to visit your blog more often :)xx


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