My Cup Of Tea

In two days I will be leaving for New Zeeland and I do not really know when I will come home again. I spent the evening with some of my very best friends and had such a great time. I do cry every time I think of the goodbye part, though. What is it now? Seven times the last hour? Well, that's me.. The picture is from the crazyawesome week in Tylösand, Halmstad. The ones below are of the oh-so-sweet present they had got for me. A pink teacup (matching with my yellow one) and "love-tea". Thank you <3 I will definetly have it for breakfast tomorrow with the scones I, my sister and cousin made this morning. I will miss you guys, and sooo many more people, SOOOOO MUCH when I am away!!! Now I am crying again.. I guess I should go to bed. Tomorrow the packing will begin. Thank you again for the gift, tonight, being my friends, and all that that comes with <3
Bye bye.

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