One Tree Hill

Yesterday I went to One Tree Hill with some friends to have a picnic. We were to meet at around 1pm. We arrived at 2.30.

First I was to pick up this girl who I had never met before near Newmarket. I underestimated the traffic and was 20 min early, so I went to have a wander in the second hand store right across the street, which is quite good. When I got out I met up with this 'new' girl and we got in the car. We found our way back to the highway and the traffic was now just horrid! We took the correct exit from the highway and the correct exit in the roundabout it led up to, but did not know where the park was so (of course) we went too far. When we eventually find the hill, and just had parked the car, we find out one of the girls could not get a bus there and decide to go pick her up in Ponsonby. The car was out of petrol so before we could go get her we had to fill it up.  We can not make a right turn into the gas station so we have to go back to the roundabout, turn around there, and then turn in to the station. All the places where full and, not very surprisingly, we take the slowest line. When we finally are ready to get going we, again, cannot make a right turn so we have to go the other direction and make a beautiful U-turn to get back on track. Out on the motorway it is just crowded with cars so we have to drive really slow. We have basically no idea where we are supposed to be going so we just take a random exit, get lost, park the car too look at the map and find our way again. Now the big problem is that we do not know where on Ponsonby Road we are to pick up this girl. She texts us where she is, but we cannot see the place. Again we park the car to locate where we are and luckily she sees us and we hurry to the hill. Takes quite a long time, though, due to the traffic. When we finally get to the top of One Tree Hill it is as said 2.30 and everyone else is already there. They are going to a rugby game later so quite soon they have to leave. During the picnic everyone is freezing because it is cold and really windy.

Other than that I would say the whole thing was a success! At least I had a great time meeting some new people, catching up with those I had met before and enjoying a beutiful view:) Hopefully we can do it again when it is a bit warmer! And hopefully, we will be on time;)

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