Down At The Lake

These photos I took a couple of weeks ago, I think. Tomorrow I am leaving for Halmstad with my friends and hopefully we will get the same weather. It is not very likely, but still hoping! I do know for sure we will have the Best Time Ever, no matter what weather we get:D
Today I also booked my ticket for NZ! I'll be going July 8th wich is only like 15 days away!! I am terrifyed and So excited. I have no idea of how long I will be gone... hopefully I will stay for six months, at least;) No more than a year, though, because the visa expires. Now I really have to go pack for tomorrow! Spent the time I should have been packing baking cinnamon and vanilla buns for the trip instead.. I am such a nice friend! haha^^ Bye bye..  
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  1. What a beautiful day. You look adorable, and that bag is wonderful!


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