Syster Lycklig

I just found this amazing website selling basically just everything. Porcelain, carpets, clothes, furniture, cards, wedding items, shoes, lamps, signs, fabric and so much more! It is called Syster Lycklig and I am so in love with their porcelains. The items are not extremely expensive but I could not afford anything because I would never be able to chose just a few things and so the prises will become high, oh so high.
Tomorrow I am planning on going to a place called Stallqvarn quite near my school. It is an old barn now made into a vintage store with mostly furniture and house items. It was such a long time since I was there that I will just have to go. Actually the plans were to go there before Christmas but we were to early and did not want to wait for two hours for it to open, so I am hoping for better luck this time!

Hope you had a great week so far. Here the sun has been shining almost every day but the snow refuses to let go of the ground. Yesterday my mother and father came home from their trip to USA to visit our relatives. They had bought some gorgeous gifts for me from Forever21 and some other stores. The clothes are quite summery, though, so it will be a while until I can wear them. Hopefully it will get warmer here soon. Bye <3

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  1. I love the first set of tea cups! they are just perfect. so cute love this type of things too and adore vintage furniture. :) x take care sweetie see you around. x


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