Wanderlust. I don't really need to say more. But I want to. That is what I feel when I see this photo. My beautiful friend Lina took it when she came to visit about two months ago. I love how it captures the wildness of the forest. There's no road and only deeper woods ahead of us. I can feel the power in my walk and the urge too see what comes next. I can feel the fresh clean air deep in my lungs. The sun shining on my face and the smell of trees and spruce leef flowing through my nose. I am enjoying the moment to the fullest and at the same time I am excited to see what comes next. Nature make me feel at peace. I feel at home. And at the same time adventurous. Wanting to explore. To see the view from the highest tree. To walk around the big stones and feel the warmth on the one side, and chill on the other. To run through high grass so fast I think my legs will fall off. To dive into the lake and feel the cold water wash of my sweat, flow through my body and clean my mind and soul. To lie naked and stare out into the blue eternity while the sun dries my skin. To feel one with the solid ground underneeth me and the wind dancing over my arms. Totlally in harmony with myself and my surroundings. To never want to leave and at the same time be curious to open my eyes, take another step and see what's behind the next tree, or stone, or sea. 

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- Coco Chanel