Happy Hands

Even though it is hopefully not so much winter left for most of you it will probably stay here for a couple of more weeks. And if your hands are anything like mine (gets dry and soar during the colder half of the year) I have a great advice for you! The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector.
I have been using it all winter and my hands have never been so smooth through all these months! I do not know how much it costed because I got it from The Body Shop's winter campaign: If you bought products for a certain amount of money you also got a Christmas stocking filled with different products and this was one of them. Anyway, I always use it right before I go to bed so that it will have time to really go into the skin and also because it does not smell very good. But other than the smell it is perfect. So thumbs up for The Hemp Hand Protector.
And to cheer up during the darkest winter days, paint your nails in bright colours;)


  1. I love how happy your nails look haha! I understand how bright colours are instantly cheer your mood :) and also thanks for the tip on the hand cream - Mine get dry, the weather needs to warm up!


  2. Tack för tipset! Behöver en bra handkräm.
    Själv har jag ingen snö här nere men livar ändå upp med turkosa naglar. Älskar alla glada färger på lacken som finns ute nu.


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